Christmas is around the corner. Are you prepping for your Christmas party games? These Free Printable Christmas Bingo Cards are the perfect Christmas activity for a cozy indoor Christmas party.

These free bingo cards feature easily recognizable holiday characters like a Gingerbread man, Santa, Reindeer and more.

We designed 12 different bingo boards in the free printable set, so it’s perfect for small groups and families!

FREE Christmas Bingo Printable

Christmas Bingo Printable Set Includes:

  • Game instructions
  • 12 Bingo Boards
  • 2 Icons sheets


  1. Cut out the Christmas icons and your 12 bingo cards.
  2. Each player gets a bingo card and you begin to choose Christmas icons from your icon pile.
  3. The first player to get four across diagonally, horizontally or vertically is the winner!

    These cards are for personal use only.

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